Holistic Wellness Studio

Compassionate, Peaceful, Intuitive

Inside every studio, wonderful creations happen.  Since 1994, I have been helping folks create better, healthier lives by helping them to help Stop Smoking, Manage Stress, and Create A Healthier Lifestyle.  I am trained and certified as a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner.  For hypnosis or health health consults, we can schedule distance sessions via phone or video with Skype or Zoom.  In-person sessions are available in downtown Covington, Louisiana.

Many times, folks are seeking supplements, herbs, vitamins, essential oils and flower essences to help complete or complement their holistic wellness program.  Since 1998, I have been a part of Nature's Sunshine Products which features wellness products such as vitamins, herbs, flower essences, and essential oils.  Before purchasing, please contact me for a complimentary session to help you determine which products would benefit you most instead of buying unnecessary products that you don't need.  Please visit my website at Nature's Sunshine Products at www.mynsp.com/bonniepoirier.  

This is a journey that I dearly love.  You can join me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/bonniepoirier or go to the link below and join me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pastorbonniepoirier.   Please sign up for our weekly newsletter here.  If you'd like to send me an email, please do so here.

Your journey has re-begun.  Much love and peace to you!!  Namaste' and Pax et Bonum...Bonnie Poirier, Pastor and Holistic Health Practitioner